Civil engineering is a core part of our business and includes planning, design, approval and supervision works.


At the early stages of the development cycle we carry out inspection and testing of existing structures as well as site appraisal, to support future development opportunities. Our civil engineering services include:

  • Stormwater design for Development Applications and Construction Certificate certification;
  • Residential and industrial subdivisions, roads, sewer, stormwater, drainage and detention systems, stormwater quality and wetlands;
  • Streetscape and public realm works, working in close collaboration with designers and stakeholders to develop community shared spaces and reserves, playgrounds and recreational areas;
  • HEC RAS and TUFLOW flood modelling;
  • Road, intersection, roundabout and carpark infrastructure design;
  • Forensic investigations of existing stormwater systems together with specifications for remedial works;
  • Expert witness services.


We adopt a pro-active approach to infrastructure engineering and focus on providing sustainable and cost effective solutions for our clients, working closely with the approving authorities and other members of the design team.